About Us

Dr. Pedro E. Arce is a Tennennessee Technological University Distinguished Faculty Fellow, Professor & Chair at the Department of Chemical Engineering. He is the Major Adviser of the Biotechnology, Environmental, Energy, and Engineering Education  (BEE-E2) Research and Learning Community. This community of students and collaborators is focused on offering a motivating environment for students for the conduction of their successful activities towards the completion of their objectives. The community is privileged to be diverse in culture, skills, and gender.

Key research areas being currently pursued by the members  include:

  • Electrokinetics (Electrophoresis, Environmental Proteomics and Health Care Informatics, EK-Soil Cleaning)
  • Advanced  Oxidation Processes (Non-thermal Plasma, Photocatalysis, UV Processes)
  • Advanced Performing Materials: Nano-structured (soft) Materials (Manufacturing, Morphological Effects, Optimization of Separation Efficiency); Battery and Fuel Cells (Scaling Approaches).
  • Biofuels: Role of Mixing in the Process Synthesis.
  • Engineering Education (High Performance Learning Environments, Hi-PeLE; Critical Thinking, Innovation and Creativity)